“Proposition 13 is under attack. And if
the career politicians have their way,
your property taxes or rent will soar!”

Sign the petition on the right to protect Proposition 13.
We’ll show the politicians that voters want to keep it.

Watch the short video below and discover how you can protect one of the last remaining safeguards for California taxpayers...

This isn’t a Democrat issue. This isn’t a Republican issue. This is a California issue!

Here are 2 ways you can help
protect and preserve Proposition 13:

See the video now on the threats to Proposition 13.

  1. Sign the Petition to Save Proposition 13. Fill in the form on the right and then click the Send button now.
  2. Please tell people about this issue. Send this website link to your family, friends, neighbors and associates.

Why Proposition 13 is so important

How you can help defend this critical initiative

The career politicians in Sacramento—along with the special interests pulling their strings—want to gut Proposition 13 to raise your property taxes.

Why? They want to feed their insatiable appetite for more wasteful spending.

If they succeed, you can expect…

  • Working families, whether they are homeowners or renters, already struggling to make ends meet will have ever-less money while career politicians will have more to waste…
  • Fixed-income seniors will face tax bills that they can’t pay…
  • Middle-class families who dream of owning a home may never have a chance…
  • Small businesses will not grow; or worse, they will lay off workers
  • Jobs will be lost and economic growth will decline even further.
  • More of your hard-earned money lining the pockets of the special interests…
  • Prices will rise in rent payments and at stores; owners must pass on increased costs.

In fact, according to the non-partisan Davenport Institute, the gutting of Proposition 13 could result in the loss of 396,345 jobs and $71.8 billion in economic growth!

This is the same kind of political corruption and special interest influence that has already caused California to rank as the “Worst State for Business.” In other words, dead last.

And the continued regulations and taxes coming out of Sacramento will continue to drive away businesses and the jobs they provide. Plus, higher prices on almost everything will persist.

Help us stop them from destroying Proposition 13. Get the word out to your friends and neighbors. And don’t forget to sign the petition.


Craig A. Huey
Craig A. Huey